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To Turbo Tax or not to Turbo Tax? That is the question. If your income consists of W2 wages, 1099 interest and dividend income, and your deductions are 1098 mortgage interest and real estate taxes; I would give Turbo Tax and electronic filing a shot.

Children as exemptions, head of household, earned income credit - these are some common issues where we can be of help because we are aware of the current changes in tax law.

Did the company you own stock in have an acquisition or merge?
Do you know how to allocate the cost basis?

Do you receive a K-1? K-1s do not always contain the detail needed to properly file your tax return. A K-1 will not contain what portion of your distribution or loss is in excess of basis. Turbo Tax may not ask all the questions.

Has your life undergone change?
Are you aware of the changes in tax law that may affect you?
Would you like to talk about your investments and
whether or not they take advantage of the current tax law?
Would you like to discuss plans for retirement?

Our costs are very competitive and reasonable. Please let us help you.

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